Monday, July 6, 2009

Upcoming Yoga Therapy I Workshop

Yoga Therapy I workshop—Building a Foundation
July 17-18 (Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 12-4pm, 5-8pm)
At The Yoga Center of Minneapolis

Preregistration required.

In my Yoga Therapy workshops I present an approach to healing that addresses the universal needs of being a human being while honoring the uniqueness of each individual. Yoga, Somatics, and Energy Work techniques are weaved together to provide a structure for developing an articulate way of working therapeutically with people to help them heal from any ailment.

In Yoga Therapy I—Building a Foundation we’ll explore the most primary need we have as human beings; to feel bonded to the earth and present in our body. When we are not in right relationship with the earth we must fight gravity.

Fighting gravity is a stressful act that makes our bodily environment feel hostile. Because of this, we check out and live in our head. The lack of consciousness below the neck can only continue for so long before the body will demand attention, unfortunately, usually in the form of pain. Sometimes the pain will be physical, other times, emotional or mental as the body and mind are intimately woven together and impossible to separate.

Some of the things we’ll explore in Yoga Therapy I include primary reflexes that were first activated and experienced when we came out of the womb and landed on dry land. These basic reflexes ensure we bond with the earth and feel supported.

We’ll also investigate dysfunction in the first and second chakras and discuss psychophysical dis-eases that occur as a result. Various yoga practices and hands-on-healing techniques will be utilized to integrate and promote healing first and foremost within ourselves.

When we have traveled consciously on our own path we then cultivate greater potential to facilitate others in a positive way.

Please join me at The Yoga Center of Minneapolis on July 17-18 for this transforming workshop!


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